Five women. Four men. Three secrets. Two answers. One comic.


Stradcliffe College, more properly now a university as they have more than one college, was orignally founded in the 40s as Stradcliffe Women's College, a two-year place to get a higher education. The college grew slowly, as it was in a slow town, with a mere 3,000 women by the 70s. Town-gown relations were nearly non-existant, thus hampering enrollment growth for many years. In an attempt to increase income without increasing tuition, in 1998 SWC dropped the W and opened up to men. Enrollment ballooned from 5,800 women in 1998 to 7,750 men and women in the fall of 2006, when this story begins.

Regina Richardson, GINA

Birthday: January 18, 1988
First Appearance: Oct 6, 2002
Middle child of the Richardsons, Gina considers herself perhaps the grey sheep of the family. Mark, her father, raises horses and gives tours and lessons to the surrounding area. Grace, her mother, works in a bookstore in Stradcliffe. Tony is, according to Gina, too wacky to be 20 years old, and James is just her little brother.

Kallee Liegemann

Birthday: April 28, 1988
First Appearance: Oct 13, 2002
Kallee is the older daughter of the Liegemann family, and quite different from her 'pre-preppy' sister, Krista. Kallee IS the grey sheep of her family, being neither too quiet for her own good, nor obsessed with 'frilly' things or appearances.

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