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Why Silicon Cherry Exists In The First Place

by Sanna

I got hooked on online comics in the fall of my freshman year, around October or so, with Sluggy Freelance . Since then, I have compiled a List O' Comics that I read. It changes from time to time, but almost entirely additions.

In March of 2002, Sluggy had a fanart contest. My then current roommate Spats (who was also SC's initial artist) and Siren both drew entries. They are viewable here: SC at IA .

I remember by that time we were already planning a comic. To my recollection, it was Spats' idea, as she is great at art. She recalls that it was my idea, as I am a creative writing major. Granted, it does sound like something I'd cook up, I just have no direct recollection of the exact conversation. I do remember being very excited about it, though we both knew it would be a large amount of work.

At any rate, we applied for the space in March, but we didn't know about the 8 week waiting period. (Just for anyone who wishes to sign up for a Keenspace place, know that there is about an 8-10 week waiting period, as I recall. Keenspace may be the Geocities of online comics, but a) Geocities as originally envisioned was not that bad a thing, and b) KS is not nearly as automated as GC. THIS IS A GOOD THING, I promise.)

So, there was Sanna and Spats. It originally was going to be a fictional vanity comic; us, but not 'us'. We got three of our friends on board, and we all chose S-names: Siren, Scandalous, and Springle. We had fragments of fragments of stories planned out, and then Springle started cooling her heels. Then Scandalous did, too. And so it goes; no one parted angry at anyone, life just took us different directions. And so it goes.

Spats finally decided that she had too much on her plate to draw a comic, even just a weekly comic, so I posted a request on the Avalon forum board, which I lived on during the summer of 2002. Kas appeared and volunteered, and, as I deemed his art sufficient to the cause, Kas became the new ArtMonkey. Siren had stuck around, and wished to stick around more (and it's a dang good thing she did, because Sanna is not always so good at being funny.)

And that brings us to about today.

Questions, anyone?

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