Five women. Four men. Three secrets. Two answers. One comic.


Position: Author, Main Chick
Gender: Female
Country: America

As of November 2002, Sanna is a sophomore/junior at her local university (yeah, I didn't go very far away, oh well). Sanna is majoring in Creative Writing and German, and learns Japanese in her spare time. (*snicker* spare time.) She is thouroughly addicted to webcomics ( List o' Nifty Comics ), and is using Silicon Cherry to hone her writing skills.

Position: Humorist
Gender: Female
Country: America

Siren is a junior physics major; she likes writing, music, movies, reading, and making obscure science and math jokes that few other people understand/appreciate. Despite this, Sanna employs her to add humor to the comic.

Position: Artist
Gender: Male
Country: Canada

Kas is a first-year Linguistics major (or will be, due to an odd majoring setup employed by the university) with a minor in Asian Studies (because he can't minor in Japanese exclusively). He spends his free time sketching pictures and playing games when he should be doing his homework.

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